6 Gift Ideas For Your Wedding Party

Party favors… Presents… Gifts… Let’s be real here. Giving gifts, getting gifts… it’s always a fun time. Unless you’re like 12 year old me and you feel awkward about the exchange of gifts, you’ll probably be really excited about this next post.

Whether you’re giving special trinkets to your bridesmaids or giving a personalized gift to your Best Man on your wedding day, it’s a very special moment you’re creating.

When it comes to gifts for your wedding party, (or anytime else, actually) it’s always good to think about the implications of the gift you are giving. What does it say about you? Does it have a special meaning for your relationship with the other person/people? Or is it just fun/cute/unique? Whatever energy you want to create with your gift, is ultimately up to you.

Here are six gift ideas I’ve collected to help get you started with your wedding party gift search.

1. Trinket/Ring Dish



A sweet trinket dish like this one can be used to hold rings, earrings, or other small items. Get them personalized with your party members’ initials for an extra special touch.

2. Cherry Blossom Necklace


Etsy / Brillants

This beautiful handmade cherry blossom necklace is a perfect gift for your wedding party, especially if you have a pink or floral theme.

3. Monogrammed Keychain


Etsy / GreatEmbellisments

Monogrammed keychains are very popular. These keychains with coordinating tassel are a cute and fun way to say “thank you” to your favorite people for being a part of your special day. Choose from a variety of different colors to customize them to your needs!

4. Personalized Champagne Flutes


Etsy / UrbanFarmhouseTampa

Champagne flutes are elegant and useful gifts to give to wedding party participants. Find a shop that personalizes them in a way that speaks to your unique sense of style, like these from UrbanFarmhouseTampa on Etsy.

5. Monogrammed Power Bank/Portable USB Chargers


Etsy / RyanMaeDesigns

Customized USB Portable Chargers are excellent gifts for friends on the go. Get one for each member of your wedding party and they’ll be thanking you for a very long time!

6. Eyeglass Holder/Case


Etsy / RyanMaeDesigns

A customized glasses case or holder is a wonderful “eye”- dea for a gift (I get my punny humor from my Dad, please forgive me.) Your loved ones can use these custom cases for eyeglasses or sunglasses, and will have an easier time finding their cases with their names or initials printed on them in bright letters!

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